Trainers Corner (Waterford Minor Hockey Association)

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NOTE: All trainers, have your EAP (Emergency Action Plan) in place. The officials have been instructed to ask team trainers if indeed you have a working one, and the OMHA will be doing spot checks as well.

TRAINER'S CERTIFICATION: You must be currently certified to be on the bench.
If your certification expired THIS August 31st, then you can take a "Re-Certification" course up to October 31st. After that, you will be required to take the entire course to receive certification.


Two hours before a game or practice, have a pre-game snack.
Bagels, muffins, toast, cereal, bananas, or oranges.
These products are designed to give you the right balance of nutrients as well as digest properly for athletes.

Avoid milk, spicy foods, chocolate bars, candy.
These may upset your stomach or give you a short energy boost and cause a real energy drain within a short time.

Drink sport beverages (not energy drinks), fruit juices.
Drink approximately 14-20 ounces of fluid before you play, to give yourself some insurance against dehydration during the game. You should start your pre-game hydration 2 hours prior to the start of your game or practice, and stop drinking 1 hour before the game.

Avoid soda pop, coffee, energy drinks and alcohol. These fluids can lead to dehydration.