Refund Policy (Waterford Minor Hockey Association)

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Withdraw and Refund Policy
All Withdraw, Refund, and Cancellation requests must be submitted to the Registrar. Refunds will only be issued on requests received prior to November 30th and will be processed according to the date that the application is received in the WDMHA Office. Refunds (where granted) will be issued on a sliding scale up to November 30th:

Request received by

Max. Refund Amount

September 30th



Exception – New players and all players in Tyke and IP will receive a 100% refund until September 30th. After this date the schedule below will be followed.

October 31st



November 30th



December 1st or later



Requests for refunds will not be accepted after November 30th. All refunds are processed by cheque and can either be picked up at the WDMHA Office during regular business hours or mailed to you.